Peacock Rangoli Design You Can Try

Peacock Rangoli Design


Simple and Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs

         Peacock is India’s national bird. They look very vibrant and colorful. So we are combining a listing of lovely & easy Peacock Rangoli designs. We have selected the top 10 beautiful Peacock Rangoli designs which you can use for all types of functions and other festivals like Dipawali, Dussehra, and more.

1 – Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design

2 – Rangoli design for Diwali

peacock rangoli designs
This is another freehand rangoli design that can be incorporated on any occasion. indigo and green are cold colors so use white color to highlight the rangoli. The feathers and the white circles are the sight-catching parts here. specialize in the little details and try to work showing neatness.

3 – peacock rangoli design with flowers

peacock rangoli design with flowers
This is another idea to make rangoli, it is a combination of flowers and colors. Flower rangoli are a few things we all love since it’s extremely popular. The yellow color of the flower becomes the first color in this rangoli, the rest portion is stuffed with rangoli colors. Leaf placed alternately enhances the beauty.

4 – Rangoli art

peacock rangoli
This is another simple and cute rangoli design. Outline the design of the peacock with white color and start adding different patterns to complete the look. The small details in this rangoli make it even more special.

5 – peacock rangoli kolam

peacock rangoli kolam

This design is kind of easy to try and do yet it’s lovely on any occasion. outline the body of the peacock, then draw totally different shapes around it to make a vibrant landscape.

Hope you like this Simple and Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Design.

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