best Mothers Day Craft Ideas For Kids

 Mothers Day Craft Ideas For Kids

Read on to discover easy mothers day craft ideas for kids. Kids can express their love for mother by making creative handmade gifts and celebrate motherhood!

Easy To Make A Flower Pot Message Card

Mothers Day Craft Ideas
Image Source / Tutorial: Handprint Flower Pot

          This is a  very easy Mother’s Day card. First of all, choose brown colored paper to make the pots. Cut two similar pots. Stick the top brim of the two pots together. Now stick one pot to the main sheet. Leave the upper pot open. Now write a message on the flower pot shape. You can write about how important she is to you and how much you love her. Now take a light green sheet and trace your hand on it. Cut out the shape. Paste this hand shape on top of the pot. Add small colorful tops on the finger ends of the green sheet. Add sequins in the middle of the flowers. Now you can gift this creative card to your mother.

Beautiful Butterfly Key chains

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for kids

Image Source / Tutorial: Footprint Keychains

These are the best gifts your toddlers can give you. This DIY project is so much easy to realize. You need to get a microwavable Plasticine. Now get your toddler’s footprints on the sheet. Strategically place the feet so as to form the wings of the butterfly. Draw the body of the butterfly and add the antennas to complete the look. Now microwave it. Once it is finalized, pass a key ring through the butterfly.


Flower Greetings

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for kids
Image Source / Tutorial: Cupcake Liner Picture Flower
      This cupcake liner picture flower is the perfect gift for mothers Day. First of all, use a cement mix to make the small pot for the flower. Paint the small pot in beautiful colors. Now place a cupcake liner inside the small pot. Fill the cupcake liner with candies. Now start with making the flower. Use a cupcake liner as the center of the flower. Paste the child’s picture in the middle. Now cut out a big flower from a colored sheet. Paste the cupcake liner with the photograph in the middle of the flower. Attach a colorful straw to the back of the flower. Now make the flower stand by placing the end of the straw in the pot. This cupcake liner picture card looks fabulous.

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