Happy Bhai Dooj 2022 Date

bhai dooj 2021

Bhai Dooj is an event of brother and sister. In this, sisters apply tilak to their brother and pray for their brother’s long life. And brothers give gifts to their sisters.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated after the end of Diwali. In Nepal, there is a government holiday on this occasion.

Bhai Dooj

It is also known by other names :

  • Bhai beej
  • Bhau Beej
  • Bhai Phota
  • Bhai Tika
  • Bhai Phonta

Known by different names in different states of India.

  • In Maharashtra and Goa, it is called “Bhau Beej”
  • West Bengal “Bhai Phota”
  • Uttar Pradesh and Bihar “bhai Tika”
  • Nepal “Bhai Tihar”
This time Bhai Dooj 2021  was celebrated on Saturday 6th November 2021.

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