Easy Warli Art for Kids Images

Easy and Simple Warli Art for Kids Step by Step Ideas images

warli art for kids

What is Warli Art.?

Worli is a type of painting. In which drawing is made using circles, squares, and other shapes.

Worli art is easy for the children, so it is liked more by the rest.

In this post we are giving images of some paintings of Worli Art for kids, hope you will like them.

easy warli art for kids

In the above painting, very good art has been made using red and yellow colors.

In which some girls have been made blooming on the tree.

easy warli art

In this painting image, you can see a tree and two deer which look very beautiful.

warli art easy drawing for kids

In this painting, you can see the woman working in the field. In this painting, it has been told about the farmers.

The farmers are very happy during the rains and the crops grow in their fields with great love.

warli art images for kids

warli art images for kids

warli art painting

Easy Warli Art for Kids

warli art images for kids

Hope you like these Warli Art for Kids
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