Easy Flower Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

 Flower crafts & Activities for Kids

Paper Cup Flower craft ideas

Things you need

  1. Paper cup
  2. Sheet of paper
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Sketch pens
  6. Crayons
  7. pencil


  1. Take a white sheet of paper and draw the leaves and stem of a flower using a black sketch pen.
  2. Cut the cup starting from mouth to base into five equal parts, and flatten it. Then draw the petals on them and cut along the lines. Do not throw the scraps, as you will use them to make leaves.
  3. Now apply glue and paste it on the sheet outline the petals using sketch pens, then draw the eyes and mouth of the flower using a pencil.
  4. Color the flower with crayons and highlight the pencil face with sketch pens.
  5. Color the leaves and paste them on place. Similarly, Color the stem and remaining parts to finish your paper cup flower.
Paper Flower Crafts


Things you need

  1. Colored paper
  2. Sketch pen
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Straw
  6. Tape


  1. Take pieces of colored paper; draw a circle on one paper using a sketch pen.
  2. Take another piece of paper and fold it to the middle from one side, take the other side and do the same but over the other side. Fold it once more to form a square. Draw a leaf on the side folded.
  3. Draw another leaf on another paper folded in half. Now start cutting all these shapes out with scissors.
  4. Take glue and start pasting the small leaves around the circle cut-out to make the flower.
  5. Tape the straw to the back of the flower, and leaves to the straw to finish the flower. If you wish, you can use some clay to make it stand freely.
Decorative Flower Crafts

Things you need

  1. Square paper sheet
  2. Scissors
  3. Craft Glue/Fevicol


  1. Take a square sheet of paper; fold it diagonally into a triangle, then twice again to form a smaller triangle.
  2. Using scissors start cutting the paper to form a pattern. The pattern is to form petals with slits in between.
  3. When done open the paper, take the middle strip. In addition, glue the strip to the center using craft glue.
  4. Repeat this process the remaining three sides.
  5. Let it dry to finish your amazing decorative flower.

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