DIY Fathers Day Cards to Make Dad Smile

Father’s Day Card

DIY Fathers Day Cards to Make Dad Smile

           We all know about the saying “One in a Million” but let us make it some more fun. This cute card looks pretty and comes with a fun quote that says ” one in a melon”. This card is colorful and bright and is easy to make. Kids can make this card design with the help of their teachers or elder siblings. This pretty card uses colorful felt paper, a pair of scissors, a black marker, and glue. You can even use black felt to write the quote it will give a rich feel to the card design. Kids can add their wishes to their father inside the card.

Happy Father’s Day Card

Happy Father’s Day Card Idea

              This is a very beautiful fathers day card. The different shades of blue look really pretty and add dimension to this beautiful card. You will need a white stock sheet, blue color in different shades of blue. Black marker or sharpie pen. You can use more colors for more designs. You will have to keep patience while blending the colors. Wishes for your father can be written inside the card.

My Hero-My Father Card Design

My Hero-My Father Card
             Every father is their child’s hero. This beautiful fathers day card depicts the same idea. Kids can make this beautiful card at home. The hot dog on the cover looks pretty and sumptuous. To make this pretty card you will need brown colored paper, sketch pens and other colored paper, a black sharpie pen, a pair of scissors, and glue. This card design is simple and elegant but can still steal the receiver’s heart. Your father will be very happy to receive such a handmade card. You can further personalize your card by adding some thoughts and wishes inside the card.

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