6 wonderful DIY Christmas Tree Card And Crafts for Kids

6 Amazing Christmas Tree Card ideas for kids

1-  DIY Christmas Tree ideas

DIY Christmas Tree
Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun
            This pretty DIY Christmas tree Card and craft for kids idea require doily for the green region of the tree and looks wonderful. Take a black sheet of paper and paste a brown rectangular strip on it for the trunk of the tree. Now, color the white doily green and then keep it on the black sheet. Fold the right and left sides of the doily towards the center to have a 2D conical shape. Paste the items with the help of glue. You can use colorful small buttons for the decorations.

2- Adorable Christmas Tree Crafts For kids

DIY Christmas Tree Crafts For kids
Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun
                     This idea is a perfect go-go for the cards as it requires a base for support. Make three triangles from light green craft paper. The sizes of the triangle have to be different. Now cut the strips from the base of the triangle to the top with a gap for keeping them joined as shown in the above image. Attach all the three triangles on the front of the card. Also, add a rectangle of brown color for the trunk. Add the glitter star at the top and give beautiful borders for more attractiveness.


3- Simple Sticks Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Sticks Christmas Tree
Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun
            This wonderful Christmas Tree is made up of popsicle sticks and decorating items. First color three sticks of the same size to dark green color and then join them together with glue to form an equilateral triangle. Now, attach a green triangle at the back of the same size as the triangle made by popsicle sticks. Add glitter of golden color and a few pom poms for decorating the piece. You can add another stick in the middle of the base side for support.


4- Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

Homemade Christmas Card
Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun
              This wonderful and cute card is one of the most creative Christmas Tree Card you can ask your kids to make. For this Christmas tree card, ask them to start with folding the red paper by taking edges to the middle of the craft paper. Then measure the height and size of the tree by tracing the red card on green paper. Then fold the green paper in half and draw the half tree on one side. After cutting the boundaries of the tree, when they will open the green paper, they will get two sides of the tree that they can paste on the red card. Write Christmas Wishes and blessings on the inside of the card.


5- DIY Christmas Tree Paper Craft

DIY Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun

            This colorful Christmas tree card is like a child’s play. So, your kids will definitely enjoy making this one. All you need is colorful sheets, scissors, and glue. Cut out strips of different lengths and different colors but of the same breadth. Now start pasting the strips with a decrease in length from down to upwards. Then add a brown piece for the trunk. You can also decorate it with artificial stars and other items that are available in the market. Keep the color of the star at the top as Golden.


6- Felt DIY Christmas Tree Decorations Idea

Felt DIY Christmas Tree
Image Source / Tutorial: Easy Peasy and Fun
             This wonderful Christmas Tree Craft for kids’ ideas can be made with the help of felt paper and thread. Cut out 2 triangles from the green felt paper. Add beads, buttons, etc on one side of the felt clothes with the help of thread. Then cut out a rectangle from brown felt cloth for the trunk. Join these 3 pieces with beads on the outside as shown in the above image. Stitch the pieces together and also attach a ribbon at the top so that it can be easily hung on the walls and trees.

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