Creative Homemade DIY Lamp Ideas for Decoration

How to make a Night lamp- Lamp DIY

We are going to take a cardboard box. Now cut inner squares and leave the outer cage only. Now paint it black or you may even use the black marker to blacken the cage. Once this has been done you can take the marking for the base make an outer square on the marking. Now cut along the outer square. Now fold it about the inner square. Cut the squares at the corners. Fold it like a box. Invert the box and use it as the base for the lamp. Now take the socket for the bulb and mark it on the base. Cut an inner circle inside the marking. Paint the rest of the base in black. Now cut white squares according to the size of the faces of the lamp cage. Draw random lines on these sheets using the marker and paste these sheets from the inside. Now fix the lamp and place a colorful lamp inside. This completes our lamp DIY. For better understanding of this box lamp DIY lookup:

Spring Room decor

We need a glass jar, some green moss, some colored moss, and sandbags as well. We need some air plants and succulents to add beauty, a lamp bulb, white stones, and a lampshade is very important. Now fill the glass jar with the sand first in a diagonal fashion then place the white stones, then the mosses and succulents. Our dear green forest is ready. Now we will read the lighting manual carefully and set up the lighting next. Now fix the bulb on the lid and place it on top of the jar. Now place the lampshade on the top. Your lamp is ready. You can place this beautiful forest lamp shade anywhere you like. It will beautify your d├ęcor. For better understanding of this lamp DIY lookup:

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