bithday Greeting Card Step by Step

Spring Greetings Card using Butterflies

            Now let us make a greeting card. First of all, take print outs of digital flower and basket stickers. It will be better if you print the stickers on a sheet with a stick-on base. Now design a cover with different colored stamps. Take care that different stamps do not mix into each other. Paste this sheet onto a different colored sheet. Start pasting your digital stickers on the base card. You need not take care of the symmetry as it is a fun DIY project. Even your small children can do this.

Now place rhinestones. Now decorate the inside of the card using various stamps. You can also write best wishes inside in hand. For a better understanding of this sprig season greetings lookup.

How to Make – Spring Greeting Card Butterflies

               Butterflies are an integral part of the spring season. First of all, make a colored sheet using spray paints. There must be no gaps in the blending of different colors. Now using a butterfly puncher cut out three butterflies from this colored sheet. Meanwhile, make a card from a white sheet and cut a spare white sheet piece smaller than the upper flap of the card. Now trace the butterfly cut-outs on the spare white. Now paste the silver tape on these trace marks.

Paste the colored sheet on this white sheet and then paste the butterflies from their midriff on the region from where they were cut. Now paste this complete ensemble on the top flap of the card. Your butterflies are ready to create a storm. For a better understanding of this butterfly, DIY card look up this easy to understand video tutorial.

Season greetings card

              For season’s greetings, take silicon stamps and a stamping module. Take a hard sheet in dull color and start stamping leaves, hearts, and flowers on it in different colors. Add details to them using colored pens. Color it and add details to it using colored and sharpie pens. Cut the chick out after you are done with all the details.

Now stamp ‘Greetings’ on a different slip. Stamp ‘Seasons’ on the leaves base. Now stick the ‘Greetings’ on the main base and stick the chick as well on it using double-sided tape. Add rhinestones to the outline of the chick. For a better understanding of this sweet and simple ‘Seasons Greetings’ look up this easy to understand video tutorial.

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