How to make 8 Elephant Craft for a School Project

8 Elephant Craft for a School Project

Elephant Craft for a School Project


These incredibly cute 8 Elephant Craft for a School Project are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

1- Balloon Elephant Craft

Balloon Elephant Craft

Glued To My Crafts has a genius idea of using a balloon to create the elephant’s trunk in this easy little project. This works well as a handmade greeting card or as gift tags too. Please be careful with balloons around very young children and babies.


2- Origami Elephant Craft

Origami Elephant Craft

Give your Origami skills an extra boost by learning to make this Origami elephant from Hodge Podge Craft. Get colorful patterned square paper and check out the detailed video tutorial to know exactly how to go about it.


3- Clothespin Elephant Craft

Clothespin Elephant Craft

We can’t get over how gorgeous this little 3-D elephant model from The Pepa Workshop is! The clothespins double up as the elephant’s legs as well as the rider, who is incredibly detailed – just look at his turban.


4- DIY Elephant Pull Toy

DIY Elephant Pull Toy

Do you remember those old wooden pull toys kids used to drag around everywhere? They don’t make it like them anymore! Hello, Wonderful recreates that magic with this DIY pull toy – make them in different colors for an elephant parade.


6- DIY Felt Elephants

DIY Felt Elephants

How adorable are these felt elephants from Lia Griffith? They’re perfect for a new baby’s nursery, or as stocking stuffers for the coming holidays. This sewing project is great for the older bunch, the teens, and preteens.


7- Playdough Elephant

Playdough Elephant

It’s fun to make different animals with playdough and I personally feel that elephants are one of the easier ones. shows us how to make a cute blue elephant with modeling clay – this is one even young kids can try.


8- Button Elephant Craft

Button Elephant Craft

If you love crafting with buttons, you’ll love this little baby elephant from Busted Button! It’s just perfect for a baby’s nursery, and the couple version will make a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

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