6 Simple Pig crafts for school age students

 Easy Simple Pig craft for kids Let us create these beautiful pig craft ideas for kids.

 1-Pig Craft Geometrical shape

Simple Pig craft

Image Source / Tutorial: Creative Party Blog
               Kids can easily learn different shapes and forms while putting together a craft. This is one of the best ways to teach your kids about different two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. To make this Geometrical pig you will need pink paper, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, cello tape, felt cloth, black buttons, a pink pipe cleaner for the tail. This can be used as a standing showpiece in your home. It will look pretty and spread its pinkness around.

2- Simple Pig Craft Using empty Tissue Roll

pig craft
Image Source / Tutorial: Crafts By Amanda

              Toilet paper is one of the most widely used commodities at home. We all need toilet paper every day. But what we do with the toilet paper roll after we have used the toilet paper? We generally throw it away whereas we can use it to make different kinds of DIY projects. This is a beautiful pig craft idea for kids to make this summer. You will need a used toilet paper roll, pink paper, pink button, googly eyes, a pair of scissors, and glue. You are ready to make this innocent piggy craft for your home.


3- Easy pig Craft Made With Egg Cartons

craft for kids
Image Source / Tutorial: JENNI SWENSON

Egg cartons are made of cardboard, which is pressed paper. These cartoons are specially made to store eggs. You do not need to discard these cartoons as waste always. You can use it to make beautiful craft items. You can make these cute looking pigs using the back of the carton. You will need the egg carton, paper cutter, pipe cleaner, googly eyes, pink-colored paper, and pink acrylic paint along with a paintbrush. You can use these small-sized pig crafts to design the border of charts or projects. You can also use these crafts to make collages as well.


4- DIY Pig from Recycled Cans

empty Can Recycle ideas
Image Source / Tutorial: Favecrafts

Tin cans straightway go to the dump yard. You can try to control or at least lessen the number of times cans waste is produced. You will need some used tin cans. Crush the can after use and clean it thoroughly. Now you can use acrylic colors, paintbrushes, felt cloth, googly eyes, eyelashes, a pair of scissors, etc. to make this beautiful and Simple pig craft. It looks awesome and helps to reduce waste.


5- Piggy Bank craft for kids

craft for kids
Image Source / Tutorial: All Kids Network

Does your kid need to start saving money now? Or are you considering buying him/her a new piggy bank? You can craft this piggy bank at your home and can also teach your kids the same. This Pig Craft Idea for Kids uses Tin can as the base for the body of the Piggy Bank. You can use paint to color the tin can. Careful while cutting the slot for inserting the coins. The face can be made with the help of chart paper and artificial googly eyes.


6- Pig Headband crafts for school age students

school age students
Image Source / Tutorial: twitchetts

If your girl loves to wear hairbands every day then you can redecorate the same for her. This Pig Craft idea for Kids will help them wear Pig ears with the hairbands. All you have to do is make Pig ears with the help of clothes or felt papers and then paste them on the hairbands. They will definitely love this new and creative design.

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