3 Beautiful flower making with paper easy craft ideas

Beautiful flower making with paper easy

Flower Making with Paper Easy Step by Step Tutorials

              So today here we are going to show you Three beautiful flower making with paper easy craft ideas. Flowers can be used for home decoration, worship, bouquets and to express our feelings.

flower making with crepe paper

                The flower is a beautiful thing which we can use in home decoration for any occasion. By seeing flowers we feel happy and relax. Here is also one simple and easy tutorial for flower making with crepe paper at home.

Material Required

  1. Crepe Paper
  2. Light green floral tape
  3. Scissors & Glue
  4. Floral wire
  5. Foam balls craft


  • Take a large size of crepe paper apply some glue and stick it at the one end of the floral wire or stick. Roll the crepe paper on the wire and give the shape of the ball.
  • Take another colored crepe paper and cover this ball properly.
  • Apply floral tape to the downside of the ball so that we can cover the part of the ball and the wire.
  • Now make a small square piece of crepe paper, size of 1cm × 1cm. Make so many square pieces this is used to make a flower.
  • Take some glue on a plate and with the help of a small rounded object/thing. Take one square piece and smash around the rounded object put some glue on the covered/bottom surface of the square smashed piece and stick it on the ball.
  • Stick all the small square pieces on the ball and covered it properly.
  • Trim the excess or large part of the square pieces.
  • Now for making leaves take green colored crepe paper measuring 1.5 cm ×10 cm. Cut it into a petal shape.
  • Take green floral tape covered the floral wire with it and arrange these petals between them.
  • Start floral tape from the middle of the wire and arrange the leaves and take the tape towards the downside of the wire.

here you “crepe paper flower” is ready.


rose flower making with paper


           Rose is one of the most beautiful flower. Rose can be used to express our feelings to your family and friends and relatives. So here is the tutorial on rose flower making with paper at home.


Material Required:-

  1. Crepe Paper
  2. Floral Tape
  3. Floral wire


  • Take a piece of crepe paper, measuring 10 cm ×70 cm. Fold the corner down towards the center of the strip and it forms a triangle. The base of the triangle is 5 cm.
  • Now, this triangle folds towards the downside at a 45-degree slant. Now measuring the triangle on the folded slant to the center of the strip.
  • Take the 1st triangle back from the center of the strip and cease it well. You can see two triangles. Do the same procedure until the end of the strip is reached. At the end fold the triangle into a roll and arrange all the triangles according.
  • Cease all the triangles properly. You can see a circle will be formed automatically.
  • At the center of the bottom of the flower put one floral wire and arrange the base of the flower and tie it with the thread.
  • Take floral tape and cover the bottom of the rose. Cease all the layer’s once again for getting the 3D look of the rose.
  • Attach leaves to the floral wire.

lily paper flower bouquet from crepe paper

               Lily is another beautiful flower that is used for home decoration and bouquets. So come we can learn how to flower making with paper at home.

Material Required:-

  1. Crepe paper
  2. Floral tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue, oil pastel
  5. Floral tape


  • Take a crepe paper size 17×12 CM and fold it into half from the long side.
  • Make 2 CM at the folded breath side and make 7 CM at the length side and after marking 7 cm then mark 5 cm.
  • Now in bigger rectangular (7 CM) make one curve line starting from marked point 2 CM to 7 CM marked point.
  • Draw another line from marked point 7CM to marked point 5 CM diagonally ( Opposite side).
  • Mark one line from marked point 5 CM to the remaining part of the crepe paper. Draw a line in such a way, when you open the fold it has a tall on the top of the petal.
  • Cut the lines carefully. Do the same procedure to make more petals.
  • Take a piece of foam, rub crayon on it and rub this foam on the crepe paper petals to give some shades on the petals.
  • Take another color on the foam and rub the foam at the center or bottom of the petals.
  • Make some curls at the top of the petals. You can use the backside of the brush to crul the petals or you can roll it with your hand.
  • Now take some crepe paper and stick it around the floral wire.
  • Take a yellow crepe paper and roll it on this floral wire up to 7 cm from the top.
  • Take 1 petal and arrange it to the floral wire and stick the petal with floral tape all over the wire.
  • Take a floral wire and a strip of crepe paper. Roll this paper on the wire.
  • Take a piece of crepe paper measuring 12×30 cm, Fold it in half vertically.
  • Put the floral wire in the middle of the crepe paper and apply some glue on it and make some frills between the paper.
  • Cut into the lotus petal shape from the opposite side of the floral wire.
  • Now open both sides carefully arrange the frills and cut the sides of the leaf in a zigzag way.
  • Make some curves in the wire. Now take all the lily and arrange it and tie it with the floral tape.
  • Cover all the wires together with the help of floral tape. You can decorate it with ribbons and a bow.

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