3 Beautiful Craft with Plastic Spoon ideas

You can make almost anything for home decoration with these simple Craft with Plastic Spoon like a lamp, flower stand. You can also engage kids in creative stuff with simple Craft with Plastic Spoon.


1- Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

Craft with Plastic Spoon
Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas Image Source: littlethingsbringsmiles.com
          We all love big and adorned mirrors. So let us make ourselves one. First of all, we need to choose the shape of the mirror. The right shape is the half-battle won. Once you have decided the shape of the mirror, you need to decide which place will the mirror be placed and what colors can be chosen to adorn the mirror. When you have chosen the right colors, you can now paint the old used plastic spoons. Cut off the stalks of the spoons.
           You need to take care while cutting the mast of the spoon, the spoons might chip or break off while cutting. Now we will be using the head of the spoons. Paint the spoons in the required color. Now start sticking the spoon heads on the sides of the mirror. While sticking the spoon heads keep the outer edge on the outside. This DIY project looks great even in your dining halls, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc.

2- Craft with Plastic Spoon

Plastic Spoon Craft ideas
Craft with Plastic Spoon Image Source: creativejewishmom.com
            This is a very cute DIY project. Your kids will surely love this one and this craft will become their playmates. You can also make story characters using this technique to make the storytelling experience a great one. You can take inspiration from cartoons or story characters to make these spoons craft. To make these spoons craft you can use colorful paper, ribbons, frills, thermacol balls, fur, feathers, sequins, googly eyes, whiskers, felt cloth, etc. You can also add false hair for a dramatic effect on the puppet. Big hats can be made out of paper and then placed overhead and designed to look nice.

3- Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

Craft with Plastic Spoon
Craft with Plastic Spoon Image Source: spunkyjunky.blogspot.ca
             Did you ever think that you could make a whole world of art? Now is the time you realize that the pristine glory of cutlery is not in the kitchen but is in the collection of great artwork. You can make such art items on your own as well.
             First of all, collect some old and recycled plastic cutlery and then decide what kind of cutlery do you wish to collect. Does each piece need to have different designs or a single frame will carry cutlery of the same design or the same cutlery pieces will be grouped together? This will help you to stratify your Artwork. Go on collect some precious cutlery and frame them up for their pristine glory.

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