10 Best Rakhi making ideas At home Step By Step

Check out 10 Best Rakhi making ideas At home for Rakshabandhan. Perfect rakhi ideas for kids to making rakhi competition. Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that symbolizes the true love and bond between brothers and sisters.

We celebrate the festival with great zeal and fervor. So, this year-round gift your brother with your token of love create with your hands. We are today going to tell you the 10 Best Rakhi-making ideas At home Step By Step.


1- Rakhi Making Ideas at Home


Take completely different colored sheets and cut out circles of various sizes from them. Now mark an inner radius on every one of them and provides the boundary an edgy cut uptil the inner marking. Align a beaded lace on the edges of this rhinestone. you’ll be able to place some mirrors or rhinestones on the edges of this. now cut this out and stick it onto a satin ribbon.

Now for the next idea take a Styrofoam sheet, shiny and colored, in a different color. Now paste completely different colored rhinestones on top of this sheet. currently cut the styrofoam sheet within the desired form and secure it on top of the ribbon. For a better understanding of these rakhi making ideas at home lookup:


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2- Woolen and Foam Rakhi Making Ideas

rakhi making material

  1. Woolen
  2. Foam sheets
  3. stone
  4. ribbon
  5. pencil
  6. scissor
  7. favicon
  • For a better understanding of this Rakhi making ideas lookup

3- paper quilling rakhi making

rakhi making material

1. Quilling paper
2. Slotted tool
3. Stone
4. Fevicol
5. Scissor

  • For a better understanding of this paper quilling rakhi making lookup

4- rakhi making for kids

5- rakhi making for children’s



6- rakhi making with quilling



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7- creative ideas for rakhi making competition


8- woolen Rakhi making ideas at home



9- easy woolen Rakhi



10- 3 Best Rakhi Making Ideas


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